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Physical Library Experience

1.    @ginabead what is the role that staff-customer interaction play in the library user experience?
2.     Question: Can Nate comment on how his principles translate into the physical branch user experience?


3.    @martinhouse  where is the line between integration of 3rd party apis and the need to filter info for the public especialy young users?


4.    @Seonag  great webinar very thought provoking – thanks ULC <applause>
5.    @yestoknow Libraries facilitate great discussions…questions…answers  17 minutes ago from web
6.    somernewland Houston Public Library sends a resounding round of applause to ULC!  @boltron
7.    @queequegs oh! how awesome to link to our studies on the ulc web page! merci! i’m ill-ing the young book now…

Library UX Research

9.    @queequegs I would love to see other ux studies and results–we just tested a paper-based new card application and it worked great.

Labels and Naming

10.    @boltpeters @yestoknow  patron, user, customer? Can help to focus on what they’re doing rather than what they are. Can be all at diff times.
11.    @yestoknow There is interest in alternate words for databases..share your thoughts
12.    @brewinlibrarian RT @yestoknow: Database–it is about what it can do not that it is a database (Nate)
13.    @yestoknow What to call a database? Depends on what is in it (Nate)  24 minutes ago from web
14.    @yestoknow Database–it is about what it can do not that it is a database (Nate)
15.    @yestoknow patron, user, customer? Good question (stil)…
16.    Question: what word or term would you use rather than database?
17.    Question: any suggestions for a term(s) besides “research database(s)” ?
18.    Question: The challenge with libraries is that we see our (potential) users as *everyone* which I think, makes many of our attempts to design good ux fall flat. Anyone care to comment?

General UX

19.    @PCPLetc  is non-intuitiveness sometimes necessary? not w library interfaces 27 minutes ago from mobile web
20.    @carolbatt  Mary Ann please speak about importance of social networking sites for public libraries.

How do we get things done?
21.    @martinhouse @yestknow we have talked a lot about inutitive design but do we need more than APIs to become a social media
22.    @boltpeters @gschwab  prototyping is great & napkins seriously a good, cheap place to start–go for it!
23.    @Elicroos we have lots of folks who care about ux–we need more folks who program and utilize api’s  lol


25.    @PCPLetc  libraries say ux is responsibility of public services 35 minutes ago from mobile web
26.    @PCPLetc  wordpress site doesnt need a web programmer @yestoknow don’t worry how it fits at first  44 minutes ago from web
27.    @vjpitch language is a virus. laurie anderson said it best. @ lucienk RT @yestoknow: Mental Models by Indi Young  about 1 hour ago from TweetDeck
28.    # Knittingbrow_normal gschwab we use PS and Digital services and IT to develop our UX.  about 1 hour ago from TwitterFon
29.    # Lucien-profile-2_normal lucienk  damn poll doesn’t have a submit button. my user experience is poor! about 1 hour ago from TweetDeck


Three Free Easy Library UX Improvements for Tomorrow

This will make a lot more sense during the talk, but here it is plain and simple. The other time frames we’ll look at are 10 years and 30 years.

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